5 Facebook Group Engagement Ideas



When you start a business, the first thing you need is a product or service. Then a website. Then a Facebook group. Then Facebook group engagement.

Ok, maybe that’s a little simplified — there are a few more steps in the process. But to jump start your digital marketing efforts, my first reccomendation is not a Facebook page, but rather a Facebook group. Groups are especially important if you are a representative of a company (i.e., a seller for a direct sales company) or have a business in a crowded industry (like design or photography). A group can give you more visibility than a Facebook page because you’re relying on more two-way communication between you and your group members. The more they engage, the more likely they are to see posts in the group. Additionally, a group is one of the two best ways to establish your brand, unique selling point and trust.

Facebook Group Engagement Ideas For a Thriving Group

The daily grind of posting to a Facebook group can be daunting , and I’m not going to lie: there are times when you want to just stop posting because nobody is paying attention anyway. The key is to make the group about community over sales. When your group participants feel valued, heard and appreciated, they will be more likely to not only buy your product, but to recommend you and your group to their friends. Stay the course, and try some of these Facebook group engagement ideas to get your group running on autopilot.

Exclusive Content

Make your group the go-to spot for your product or service by providing exclusive content just for your group. Sure, you may be tempted to open up the offer to everyone, but sticking with your group can build incredible raport. Here are some ideas:

  • Write a blog post shared only with your group
  • Create educational opportunities
  • Share a tutorial or other video in your group
  • Post the latest news first

Special Perks

Your group members are your VIPs – even if they haven’t purchased a thing. They have opted in to your group and business, so reward them with incentives to buy from you.

  • Provide additional discounts or bonus offers
  • Give out freebies or samples
  • Open up pre-orders to your group first
  • Create sample sales of merchandise selected for your group only

Group Votes or Polls

People love sharing their opinion, especially on Facebook (for better or for worse, y’all…) Voting is a simple way to get your group members involved so they will be more likely to see your content later, and when you tailor the questions and potential answers as part of your product or service (i.e. asking if they use foundation when you sell foundation) can be a form of market research to find out what your potential customers are seeking. Group votes can include photos and captions as well as the voting feature on Facebook. Try some of these prompts:

  • Chocolate or vanilla?
  • Cats or dogs?
  • Beach vacation or camping vacation?
  • Comedy or drama?
  • Cooking dinner or eating out?
  • Choose your favorite restaurant
  • Flop flops or tennis shoes?
  • What type of facial products do you use?
  • What best represents your personal style?

Ask For  Ideas

We shouldn’t presume our group members know what to do with our posts. When you ask specifically how they should respond, you’ll find a new level of engagement and community. Here are a few Facebook group engagement idea prompts to get you started.

  • Selfie thread
  • Animal thread/Pet thread
  • Show your nails
  • Show your jewelry
  • Show your outfit
  • Share your favorite gif
  • Share a screenshot of your favorite movie/movie quote
  • Type in your favorite color in the Gif bar and share what comes up
  • Weekly “win”

Promo Post

With many industries, especially direct sales and creative businesses, your customers or ideal customers also provide a product or service for their own company. Give back to your community by offering one thread per week for them to share their offers, products, or services. Not only will you build a sense of community, you will also build goodwill with your group members.

There may be dozens of other groups out there, but there’s only ONE you. Stay consistent and true to your brand, and you’ll build a group that will help you sell in your sleep.