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Hi, I’m Amanda,
Founder of
Honeycomb Social!

Digital Marketing strategist and writer
with 15 years experience

My mission? Affordable social media strategy for startups & small businesses!

My name is Amanda and I am the founder of Honeycomb Social, a Gainesville FL digital marketing business specifically helping small business owners and direct sellers spend more time selling and less time on social media. I create courses, offer coaching and training, and build easy-to-execute social media strategies that help women-owned businesses thrive in the digital marketplace.

I have a passion for digital marketing that began two decades ago, during my first college class. I discovered the power of digital communication; I could design a website and reach hundreds of thousands MORE people than I could through traditional communication.

Since then, the digital communications landscape has changed dramatically, and for the better. The biggest problem? Too many avenues to choose from! For small business owners who have a million other things on their plates besides digital marketing, running an effective + efficient social media campaigns is literally the last thing on a very long list.

How do I know? I’ve been creating my system of growing social media accounts for more than 10 years, and have perfected the results. I know a social media strategy  can bring huge wins for your business, and I know how to make that happen. I have degrees in Journalism and Communication, and have been working in digital communications professionally for 15 years.

Is Honeycomb Social right for you?

Save more than 20 hours and reach hundreds more potential new clients per month by upleveling your digital marketing with Honeycomb Social! See how high-value, low cost, research based strategy, writing and design can change your business.



Disney can tell a heck of a story. I’m a long time season-passholders passing down the joy to my kiddos. You can say that Disney is my happy place. 

Iced Coffee

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold…coffee. (Although I will never turn down a cup of coffee, regardless of temp). 


From the Carribbean to Texas and everywhere in between, the travelbug is alive and well in my family. My dream? To travel the country coaching my clients seeing tons of new places.

Shift Church

I’m a regular member at Shift Church, a church plant in Gainesville FL. Our heart is to love Gainesville and love it well! My faith is the foundation for my business and a guide for serving my clients.

Social Media

Learning the latest trends in social media isn’t just good business, it’s a personal delight! As a scholar of communication, I’m facinated with how we communicate digitally as a society. I also speak fluent meme.

The Honeycomb Social Philosophy

I founded this business based on these principles:

  • Social media is incredibly powerful
  • Social media managers + traditional agencies are expensive
  • Small business owners are missing opportunities to nurture and serve customers and clients
  • If you’re not doing social effectively, you shouldn’t do it at all
  • Planning digital marketing with a social media strategy can help you get results faster

Would you like:

  • More time to sell + create?
  • More leads + loyal customers?
  • Less wasted time on social media?

If you answered YES! to any of these, I invite you to apply to become a client.

Her approach guides you in identifying exactly what it is you desire to communicate, aligning with your mission, and then implementing the most effective techniques to connect with your audience! I feel significantly more confident…a huge load off my shoulders!

Candace CH.

Root & Rise Health Coaching

The Honeycomb Social Process

I’ve used 15 years of experience to develop a time-tested system for pinpointing exactly what your business needs to succeed on social media, a system to create and share content, and a budget you can afford. Here’s how it works for a standard digital marketing strategy :

  • After the “i”‘s are dotted and “t”s crossed, we’ll work together to determine your goals, your branding, your platforms and your content mix.
  • I’ll create a custom plan just for your business.
  • I will write and schedule your content, blogs or email newsletter and submit content for your approval by the end of the month.
  • Each month we’re working together, I’ll assess what is working and what isn’t working, as well as review your key goals and benchmarks.
  • Some packages may include graphics, social media engagement, lead generation setup, or email automation. You can pick from a variety of services for a truly one-of-a-kind package — with no long-term commitments. Packages start at $100/month.

I’d love to find out how I can help your business. Apply to be a client today!

Let’s Connect!

I’ve love to learn how I can support you and your business goals through strategy, client management, coaching, training or consulting!  Choose your path, and let’s chat.


Questions? Visit my free digital marketing coaching group, the Honeycomb Hive Hive, and tag me with your questions! I can’t wait to help you open doors for social media success (and kick that overwhelmed feeling to the curb)!